Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zach Mauer

I've always enjoyed telling people not to do something, because the end result is (generally) that they do it anyways. My sign plays with the affects of reverse psychology. I'm telling the populous not to do something, and I'm eager to see what their reaction is. Can you resist the temptation to disobey? My sign will be located on 39th street, very close to the church and martial arts center, enjoy.

Sean Luwe

We are always being watched, by our parents, our bosses, our religions. So I took it a step farther. My sign is a UFO with the words always watching. I wanted to keep a classic sign look so I used yellow and black much like the caution signs and applied it to something you can't be cautious about. (Seeing as though there is no proof of extraterrestrial life but no proof against it either, its impossible to know if it really is watching you.) I also wanted to place it in a strange place so i picked an alleyway next to campus. It's frequently used so it will be seen but no one will be expecting a sign saying they are being watched.

In the alleyway between McLeod and University.

Jack Carol

For this project, I ended up finding an actual road sign, as well as creating my own. I decided to have the two signs play off of eachother, and also have the signs be a play on words. My signs will be in the alley located near Frontier Space.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angela Shope


Tricia Pardee

In many ways, my mind, as far as our final assignment for 2D is concerned, is still absorbed by our last assignment, that of propaganda. During the process of that assignment I though about all the different ways that people construct and destruct the biased messages we wish society to adopt. Throughout my developement of that project I had dificulty deciding which side of that line I wanted to be on as well as wondering when those paths crossed, which they clearly do.  These thoughts lead me back to themes about the concept of "rule" that stem all the way back to our first collage project in this class.

 I scrounged up out of my sister's garage to use for this project, having been one of her husbands trophies of juvenile delinquencies of yore, a wonderful, very large intersecting street sign. Immediately I knew that I wanted my sign to have an alterable quality that invited interaction with passersby. Throughout the processof the propaganda, the defacing of such seemed to me as much a part of propaganda as the message itself and I felt irresistably drawn to provide an opportunity to deface or alter a sign that, in ways similiar to how propaganda tells you where or how you should be, tells you where you are. I think it's interesting that when one defaces propaganda it's usually in protest against it's ideology, but also against rule. The defacing of a sign can protest rule, but alternately achieves the opposite effect on a street sign, acting as though a protest or a suggestion of questioning accepted reality, and perhaps a biased acceptance or perspective of such.

Location: In the tree outside of The Dark Room on the corner of Higgins and Main